Take Your Cat for a Walk (Safely)

Who is right for harness training? If your cat has experience being outside or bolts to the door every time you walk in, your cat may benefit from harness training. If your cat is terrified of new things and has never shown interest in leaving the house, harness training may be too stressful for your cat. Highly active cats are usually game to walk on … Continue reading Take Your Cat for a Walk (Safely)

Treats and Catnip – Purrfect Motivators

    Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. This seems to be the preferable formula for most cats. Crunchy treats are handy for puzzle toys or hiding around your cat’s favorite places so she can hunt for treats and keep her mind sharp while you are at work during the day. You can also sprinkle a few in her crate while crate training. … Continue reading Treats and Catnip – Purrfect Motivators